Veryan Medical is developing innovative solutions for vascular disease using the principles of biomimicry

Veryan is developing innovative technology to improve the performance of vascular stents using the principles of biomimicry; taking inspiration from nature to solve human problems. Our BioMimics 3D stent technology involves adapting straight stent designs to a three-dimensional helical shape, which more closely mimics the natural geometry of the human vascular system. BioMimics 3D technology is designed to enhance clinical performance by improving flow conditions in, and bio-mechanical performance of, stented vessels.

The development activities to date have followed two parallel pathways: Veryan has completed enrolment in a European randomised clinical study of the BioMimics 3D stent, the MIMICS study, and has achieved CE Mark approval for this novel technology. Additionally Veryan has successfully investigated the opportunity to enhance the performance of a number of existing stent technologies.

Veryan’s strategy is to utilise its advanced understanding of vascular physiology and mechanics to combat vascular disease in areas with strong unmet medical needs.