Clinical Evidence

 Definitive Closure.

The CELT ACD Vascular Closure Device is manufactured by Vasorum Ltd and Veryan supports the sales activity of the device in the United States.

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Clinical Evidence


A Multicenter Randomized Trial Comparing the Effectiveness and Safety of a Novel Vascular Closure Device to Manual Compression in Anticoagulated Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Transfemoral Procedures: The CELT ACD Trial

Short post-procedural bedrest using vascular closure device in the femoral artery: Is it possible?

Celt ACD, A Novel Stainless Steel Femoral Artery Closure Device, Reduces Time to Hemostasis, Patient Discomfort and Late Bruising Compared with Angio-seal™

First Clinical Experience With Celt ACD: A Femoral Arterial Puncture Closure Device

Prospective Evaluation of the CELT Arterial Closure Device in an Outpatient Based Catheterization Laboratory