A day in the life of the Design Assurance Team

The Veryan Design Assurance Engineers are Patsy McCarthy,
Niamh O’Halloran and Nathan Cantwell

A day in the life


Nathan “I represent Design Assurance on a development project. This project is unique within Veryan as the project team is comprised of members of Veryan Medical in Galway and also Otsuka Medical Devices in Tokyo.  Some days might start earlier than normal to be able to meet with our team members in Japan, but also finish earlier, which is a plus when not in a lockdown. The work during my day is always quite varied and interesting and can often cross over into areas outside of Design Assurance, which of course only adds to your experience.

Outside of work I have many different hobbies, but recently I have found that a lot of my time has been spent volunteering with a non-profit organization here in Galway called Art in Mind. Art in Mind is an artist led non-profit organization dedicated to promoting wellbeing and mental health through creative practice. As the space was only opened in September there always seems to be something that needs doing. When not volunteering here I always avail of the great workshops and have quite a few pieces floating around the house now as a result.”

Niamh “Working in design assurance means no two days are ever the same. From working on new product development projects to sustaining activities for commercial products, there is so much variety in the day to day work and so many great learning opportunities. I get to work with other functions such as Research and Development, Regulatory, Marketing and so on.

Outside of work, I enjoy getting outdoors as much as possible be it a run, walk or hike. I enjoy painting, watching sports and attending concerts when able.”

Patsy “Working in Design Assurance involves working with an R&D project team to apply knowledge of design control principles through the product development process. There is plenty of variety on a daily basis from meetings with cross functional teams to identify and manage risks for the new product to planning verification and validation activities with R&D and Regulatory to providing input to technical reports or design changes on commercial product.  Every day is a ‘school day’ in Veryan where there is always something new to learn. With an increased time spent on screens during the pandemic I feel it is even more important than ever to be active outdoors to clear my head. If weather permits, I like to start the day off with an early morning swim and finish with a walk, run or cycle. ”




Nathan “My ambition has always been quite simple: To learn. I love learning new things and thankfully Veryan is a company which really promotes upskilling and training. It also helps that your coworkers are always willing to answer questions about what they do, even if it is unrelated to your own position.”

Niamh “To develop safe and effective products which improve the quality of life for those who need them by collaborating with colleagues from various functions while also, expanding my knowledge of the medical device regulations and industry.”

Patsy “My ambition is quite frankly to do a good job and to be happy at work.”


What the team enjoys most about Veryan


Nathan “There is a lot of overlap between job functions. This gives a great ‘helicopter view’ of Medical Devices as a whole. You get to see everything from product concept to sales of finished goods.”

Niamh “The people at Veryan are wonderful and have been welcoming since my first day. Even in the midst of these uncertain times, the company has ensured that we keep the ‘human touch’ intact with weekly updates to ensure everyone is up to date on the happenings of the business as well as it being an have an opportunity to mix socially, even from our remote locations.”

Patsy “Working in Veryan is very interesting and challenging but the people make it a great place to work. There is a great team spirit, and it is lovely to work with such a talented group of colleagues in a productive and fun environment.”

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